Written by: Diana Jaquith, WISE Executive Director

At WISE, we believe everyone should have the career, life, and family they dream about. If you are a business owner, however, you know that finding a dream-like balance is sometimes difficult to achieve. To be successful at having it all, you’re first going to need quality team members. 

But growing your team isn’t the final step to success, you also have to know how to manage that team. In fact, a great team member can waste a significant amount of time if they do not have what they need in order to accomplish their tasks. That’s why setting up systems and creating processes is the key to having your team — and yourself — operating efficiently. 

Here are three major benefits to putting systems and processes in place:


Building a team is wonderful, but the efficiencies created by systems means that you can maximize the work your team puts in. Often, this allows them to accomplish more in less time. In turn for you, it means that you will save time and money, allowing you to serve more people or prioritize things more important than work. 

Morale Boosting 

Systems can improve morale because the team then begins to work cohesively as a unit when they understand the process. Systems also allow team members to understand each others’ roles more clearly, which leads to better work dynamics and stronger relationships.

Improved Mental Health

Having proper systems in place has been known to improve mental health at work. Not only could you benefit from having extra time, but once processes are set, you know who to count on for certain tasks within your team. You no longer have to tell people what to do or how to do things, ridding your mind of the mental clutter of having to constantly use and relay all that extra knowledge. This, of course, can lead to less stress and a clearer mindset.

Setting up systems and processes is a rewarding task, but also a complicated one. If you’re on the market for someone who can walk you through it, WISE can help! Our team is trained to review your current processes and build systems and standard operating procedures around you. Give yourself and your team some time back to be working on the business, and not just in it. 


Don’t wait to build your systems and SOP’s, give us a call today! https://wiseadviseteam.com/contact/



Diana Jaquith

WISE Executive Director & Co-Founder

WISE Executive Director & Co-Founder! A little insight into her background: Diana is an engineering graduate of Vanderbilt University, has almost a decade of experience in the digital marketing and product management fields. She has grown loyal followings for several companies using online marketing techniques. Diana has launched and managed several multi-million dollar products. In addition, Diana built an ecommerce store from scratch, leveraging her experiences to build a brand. Prior to WISE, Diana worked as a product manager for a software company.