Interested in having a career, not just a job?

We are looking for military affiliated individuals with untapped potential. We want those with experience, drive and insights to join our WISE team.

You are determined, hungry, and smart. You look for solutions to problems before you ask.  You adapt easily to new situations. You go above and beyond and want a career, not another job. If that's you, then you've come to the right place!


What makes WISE different? At WISE you will receive training, a role specific lead and mentor as well as a team to go to with questions and support.

80% of our team are active duty military families.


Interested in Applying to our Applicant Pool?

Please select the job you are interested in and submit your application via the links below.


What our Team Says

WISE is truly a gem when it comes to remote work, as it serves as both a launching pad for the organization of small businesses, supporting clients with a team of focused and dedicated experts, and offers a platform for those experts to share their incredible skill sets across the globe!”

-April E.

Wise recognizes the importance of having a workplace where military-affiliated people can grow professionally and yet still have the flexibility to be able to care for family needs during life’s many different seasons.”

- Michelle H. 

"WISE walks the walk they talk. With six core values guiding every element of their staff and client interactions, WISE leads by example in providing Excellence in the Ordinary, Strong Communication, Adaptability in All Circumstances, Collaboration over Competition, Integrity, and Lifelong Learning. It's been so refreshing to be part of a team that focuses on these values AND supports their military-affiliated team. WISE is one-of-a-kind."

-Hilary K.

WISE supports working individuals to have the career they deserve while being supported personally and professionally in a community of like-minded people. It allows me to build and further my career while taking care of my family's needs while living an ever-changing military lifestyle.”

-Caroline W.

I am so very thankful for the values this amazing company embodies. As an active duty military spouse who has moved every 1 to 2 years since re-entering the workforce, it was very difficult to find a remote role that would allow me to work and continue to grow in my skill sets while being available for my family responsibilities. I enjoy the variety of clients and their different businesses that allows for the expansion of my knowledge of finance.”


-Cat H.