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WISE Advise + Assist Team is a virtual team of military spouses, veteran spouses, and veterans who help small businesses fulfill their needs in public relations, business strategy, bookkeeping, digital marketing, web design, and more. We exist to solve military spouse unemployment and underemployment by providing a one-stop shop for outsourcing where small business owners can get the support they need to scale. We do this by working with businesses to determine their needs and matching them with an expert on our team.

Fifty two percent of military spouses are unemployed or underemployed. This lack of opportunity is NOT due to any shortage of professional skill sets, as military and veteran spouses often hold advanced degrees with years of real-world experience. The ever-mobile military lifestyle makes it hard to fulfill long-term career desires, and WISE is on a mission to change that.


Since inception, WISE Advise + Assist Team has hired over 400 military spouses and helped nearly hundreds clients grow their business by an average of 35 percent. These growing numbers prove the value of the military and veteran spouse community to business owners whose needs far outnumber their in-house capabilities.

In addition, we are on the cutting edge of remote work project management. Statistics on the move toward virtual work are telling. According to Global Workplace Analytics, regular remote work has grown by 115 percent since 2005 – nearly 10 times faster than the rest of the workforce. And if those with compatible work-from-home jobs actually worked remotely part-time, the US could save over $700 billion a year. These stats tell us one thing: virtual is the future – and WISE is making the future the now for military spouses whose sacrifices will no longer include careers.

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