Refresh Your Social and Gain Traction

The Social Media Refresh is designed for businesses seeking to evaluate and elevate their social media presence. This comprehensive audit will provide valuable insights into your social media performance, optimize your visual presence and identify areas of improvement to optimize your social media strategy.

  • Evaluation of social media profiles across platforms (up to 3 platforms)
  • Assessment of profile completeness, branding consistency, and information accuracy
  • Analysis of bio/description, profile pictures, cover photos, and other visual elements
  • Social media profile refresh (profile pictures, header graphics, etc.)
  • 12 Social media templates in Canva
  • Coaching Call with our Chief Experience Officer

Discover the transformative power of our exclusive Social Media Refresh, meticulously crafted for businesses like yours that crave an elevated online presence. This comprehensive audit is your ticket to unlocking invaluable insights into your social media performance. Our experts will delve deep into your digital footprint, analyzing every aspect to ensure your visual presence truly captivates your audience.

But it doesn't stop there. Our keen-eyed specialists will identify untapped potential and provide you with a tailored roadmap to optimize your social media strategy. We leave no stone unturned, leaving you armed with the knowledge and tools needed to conquer the social media landscape with confidence.

"As a WISE client for more than two years, I have always felt that WISE was focused on retaining and growing their relationship with me above anything else. WISE is focused on how they can best support the needs of me and my business. Through their employment of highly trained military spouses, I have been able to find and utilize a virtual assistant who has allowed me to spend more time on client work rather than administrative tasks."  Karri Palmetier

"We are using social media to get the message out there that we exist. We had a new member join a few days ago because he kept seeing our social media content." -  WISE Client