Maximizing Your Sales Through Digital Marketing

Written by: Diana Jaquith, WISE Executive Director

To be successful in business, you must serve customers well by providing great services and products to your client.  Once the offerings or products are solidified, ask yourself the following questions… How do you take it to the next level? How do you serve more clients well? How do you grow sales? The answers to these questions lies in digital marketing.


3 Simple Ways to Grow Sales

When it comes down to it, there are truly 3 ways to grow your sales: get more customers, get customers to spend more, and increase their buying frequency. Sounds simple enough, but how do you achieve these three things?

  1. Get More Customers:

Let’s start with getting more customers. Flash sales are a great way to get additional customers. You tempt customers with a one time offer that is too good to refuse in order to get them to commit. 

Additionally, public relations are a great way to get customers. Finding a podcast that your clients are listening to can give you an opportunity to discover and reach new customers. 

Also, using a loss leader, or something that loses money to get folks in the door, can help you get more customers that you can convert in the long term. Once they are a customer, you can move on to the next two steps of getting them to spend more and increasing their buying frequency.


  1. Get Customers to Spend More: 

Now that you have found new customers from your awesome podcasts and flash sales, it’s time to get customers to spend more. 

Our goal is to raise the average order value. 

This can be accomplished by offering a bundle or catering an offering to your customer’s needs. 

You might downsell with a smaller offer if they are not considering buying, allowing you to convert a sale when you were not going to. 

Offering a subscription model works as well.  After you get customers to spend more, you can then work to increase their buying frequency.


  1. Increase Customer Buying Frequency: 

The best customers are the ones that already know you and love you. They come back continually to use your product, buy your product for their family and friends, and become promoters of your product. How do we get them to come back for more? 

We create loyalty programs or referral connections. We follow up after their purchases.

 Use these digital marketing techniques to find more customers, increase their spending, and increase their buying frequency. Maximizing sales sounds difficult, but working through these three steps can make a business grow exponentially.


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Diana Jaquith

WISE Executive Director & Co-Founder

WISE Executive Director & Co-Founder! A little insight into her background: Diana is an engineering graduate of Vanderbilt University, has almost a decade of experience in the digital marketing and product management fields. She has grown loyal followings for several companies using online marketing techniques. Diana has launched and managed several multi-million dollar products. In addition, Diana built an ecommerce store from scratch, leveraging her experiences to build a brand. Prior to WISE, Diana worked as a product manager for a software company.