Written by: Andi Adams, WISE Marketing Lead

WISE Advise + Assist Team is an all-virtual team of military spouses, veteran spouses, and veterans who help organizations grow through outsourcing. At WISE, our social impact is to have an effect on the 24% military spouse unemployment rate by providing remote career opportunities and career growth. We hope that other organizations will come alongside and support this mission as well.


Of the many challenges military spouses face, unemployment and underemployment are being recognized at a national level. This is an ongoing discussion that has attracted congressional level attention. WISE is setting the standard and providing the solution. 


We hope to tackle some of the challenges military spouses encounter by providing answers for organizations. If you are looking for a way to support the military spouse community, consider recognizing the myths spouses face and provide solutions 


Myth #1: All military spouses are stay-at-home-moms/dads 

Truth: Not all military spouses are parents. The military spouse community is made up of diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents. While many do choose to stay at home with their children, this community is one that gives back regularly and strives to be lifelong learners. Military spouses serve on boards, volunteer in the local community, attend school for higher education, and so much more! Additionally, those that are parents and wish to work find that there is an absence of reliable childcare resources. 


Myth #2: Military spouses are uneducated. 

Truth: At WISE alone, every single one of our Team Members have some form of higher education. The military spouse community on average are four times more educated than their civilian counterparts. Many military spouses find that advancing their education is a great way to further their careers while searching for meaningful jobs. 


Myth #3: Military spouses don’t want to work and are unmotivated. 

Truth: The military spouse’s underemployment rate is four times that of the national average, meaning they regularly take on work that they are overqualified for. However, thanks to the military lifestyle, spouses are exceptionally skilled at handling adversity and adapting to changes quickly. This makes them a quality choice to hire for any organization.  


Myth #4: Companies don’t want to hire military spouses because they move too much. 

Truth: Studies have shown that 35% of new hires will move jobs in less than three years, while 50% are currently looking for another job. At this rate, the typical employee may leave a job more quickly than a military spouse might. 


Many service members stay at one duty location for three or more years, allowing their spouse to stay at a job for longer than the average employee. In addition, military spouses are known for their loyalty and dedication, making them a wonderful employee. 


The military spouse community is full of highly-skilled professionals ready to bring their many abilities and values to better any organization they work with. If you are looking to hire, make way for your best team members yet. 


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